Rules 2019, 2019 Mississauga Summer Showcase, 2019 (Mississauga Summer Showcase & Toronto Exhibition Series)

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Registration and Game Sheets

  1. ALL teams are required to register online using our registration page. All information on the registration page is required in order to participate in the Mississauga Summer Showcase.
  2. All GAME SHEETS must be filled in for each game. Game sheets must be kept at the tournament desk. Coaches, managers and parents are not allowed to remove the game sheets from these desk. 
  3. Tournament officials will not track down teams to fill in your game sheets. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. There is no exemption to this.
  4. Mississauga Summer Showcase does not have the ability to print your player list on the game sheets. We highly recommend that you come prepared with stickers, a copy on your phone or anything that will make it easier for you to fill your game sheets out properly and before your game. 
  5. Due to safety and laws our female volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to enter change rooms.
  6. Home and Visitors status on game sheet shall supersede any other listings.
  7. All teams must complete their respective game sheets at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time to insure no sweater color conflicts. In case of conflict in jersey colors, Home Team has the right to choose their jersey color.

General Information

  1. The Mississauga Summer Showcase volunteers are there to help us. They have no control in scheduling, arena locations, referees or time keepers. Please DO NOT take your frustrations out on them. PLEASE RESPECT THEM
  2. Each arena will have a tournament desk. These will be available 45 minutes before the first game of the day and will be there till the end of the last game.
  3. The Mississauga Summer Showcase tournament desk does not have the dressing room assignments. These are located on the video boards in each arena. Please check these boards.
  4. Arenas with 4 dressing rooms will only display the dressing room info for the game that is currently playing and the next game after that. Your dressing room will not display sooner than 1 hour before your game at some arenas.
  5. No team may run a practice or skate on any open ice prior to a game or after.

Tournament Information

  1. Each team will be guaranteed four games
  2. Any player playing in later games must be on your submitted team roster.
  3. NO PLAYER will be allowed to play on more than 1 team per age group.
  4. Maximum of 18 players may rostered and dressed for each game.
  5. Your official team roster will need to be submitted online prior to your first game.
  6. Any coach found playing a player that is not on your submitted roster will have that game forfeited and the points given to the opposing team.
  7. All games will be a 12 12 12. Stop time except for 3rd period with 5 goal difference.
  8. Mercy Rule: If by or at any time during the third period one team is ahead 5 goals or more, RUNNING TIME WILL COMMENCE and will not revert back.

Points and Standings

  1. Standings: 2 points for a regulation win, 1 point for each team for a tie.
  2. Game Times: Teams need to be ready to play 15 minutes before game time. There will be a 2 minute warm-up prior to each game. 
  3. A max of 7 goals differential will be posted.. (EXP: 12 to 1 will only show as 8 to 1)
  4. Official standings are determined by the system based on a set of rules preset in our site


Semi and Final Rules an Overtime Rules

  1. In the event of a tie during the semi final rounds and all division finals, there will be a 5 minute 3 on 3 overtime period.
  2. Followed by a 3 player shootout, and sudden death until there is a winner.  
  3. No one player can shoot twice in any shoot out.
  4. In the event of a penalty during overtime,the game will be played 4 on 3.  

Playing Rules

  1. One 30 second time out shall be allowed per team.

  2. Hockey Canada Rules regarding any misconducts,suspensions,match penalties will be enforced.As per tournament management decision. 
  3. Body contact will be permitted in the 2006 age group and older. In all AA and AAA divisions
  4. NO BODY CONTACT will be allowed in all A divisions.
  5. Full face masks are required. Neck guards are recommended for USA teams but not mandatory.
  6. Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game only. That penalty will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee for further suspensions if necessary.
  7. The stick curvature rule does not apply.

Tie Breaking Procedures for Teams tied in standings

  1. a) Winner of two teams. In event of a three way tie, this procedure does not apply.
  2. b) The best plus minus goals record.
  3. c) Add 'goals for' and 'goals against'. Divide that into 'goals for'. Highest percentage will advance.
  4. d) If the above procedures do not break the tie, a coin toss will be the final tie breaking procedure.
  5. Each Division will have a semi final and a final

General Rules

  1. Coaches and Managers are responsible to control their players and Parents to ensure that each game is played safely, with no vulgar language or harmful infractions displayed. Team management responsible for any damages caused by their children to Arena facilities.
  2. Tournament Officials and/or Tournament Head Referee can waive any rule, game misconduct's and may over rule and make any final decisions necessary.
  3. All Teams are responsible for bringing their own locks for dressing rooms as the tournament will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen items.          
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